Meet Gabby the Golfball!

Gabby is the free-spirit of the Gearketeers, She loves to go on adventures, and can easily get lost in the wonders of nature. In "Gabby's Adventures", you can join Gabby on a typical day in her favorite golf course, although things don't go quite as expected for her. Through the air to the water, Gabby is on the adventure of her life.

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Meet Babs the Bowling Ball! She is the southern bell of the Gearketeers. Join her as she experiences the ups and downs of a typical night at the bowling alley.

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Meet Barry the Basketball. Join Barry as he plays in an important basketball game!

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Kristin Damon would describe herself as a “mother, wifer, author, crafter, baker, designer, zombie slayer, cancer warrior.” Not only was she known her her amazing accomplishments in her life but she was beloved by those she touched with her warm and lovable nature.  When Kristin wasn’t with her family, she was writing. "Aside from my family, writing is my life. It is my favorite pastime, my passion, my calling. I love the escapist qualities of writing, of how it keeps me mentally resilient yet insanely distracted at the same time. I love to live in the alternative worlds I feel when a story comes to fruition. Writing is not for everyone, but it's the only life for me." -Kristin


In November of 2013, Kristin was diagnosed with terminal cancer (Stage 4 Metastatic Colon cancer). At the time of her diagnosis Kristin was a happy, healthy and lively at 41 years old. On February 10th, 2016 at the age of 43 Kristin passed away surrounded by heartbroken loved ones that would always feel the void of the warm, witty and wonderful Kristin.

To fulfill Kristin's wishes, and continue her legacy: 50% of all Gearketeer book sales will be dontated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Kristin's name.

Learn more about The Kristin Damon Project.

The Gearketeers Care is a project that we are doing to help give some support to the fans of our books. Right now, we can send you a printable, personalized message from your child's favorite Gearketeer, either with a message encouraging them to get through a tough time, or to congratulate them on an accomplishment. We will also send you some printable puzzles and games featuring the Gearketeers.


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